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Whenever you find yourself in the position of having a ghastly tree stump blocking your perfect, natural and beautiful view, contact Panama City Tree Service to safely remove or grind the stump. We will get the job done correctly according to your indicated preferences.

We have adopted numerous tree removal practices and methodologies using only the least harsh, yet most effective chemicals and machinery. Stump removal is both a labor-intensive exercise and an immense undertaking for any property owner.

Each and every stump removal project is treated with the greatest care, accountability, and neatness. Once a tree has been cut, its invasive root system might damage building foundations, pavements, or even underground pipes. Removing these tree stumps will deter potential regrowth, tree rot, and other contaminants.

All areas where we have had to remove a tree stump are backfilled to leave the most subtle impact on the environment as possible. In some cases, we can offer complete root and stump removal. There are factors that will determine the appropriate course of action, such as the stump size and the complexity of its root system.

We chop off any exposed roots as far as possible and then the stump itself. In some cases, we cannot remove all of the roots, due to them growing in inaccessible spots and span for many meters in length, sometimes bordering a neighboring property. Having said that, we are happy to advise that typically the roots die once the tree is removed. Wherever possible, we use the power of machinery to remove the stump entirely if the owner agrees to our suggested approach.

We are happy to assist the owner of the property as far as possible within our means. Some owners want to actually keep the tree stump as a unique feature in their garden. However, it is important to note that stumps that are not eradicated might sprout and grow again. The product thereof is poorly shaped trees, that can cause a tremendous eyesore.

There are many online articles and other publications, including instructional videos that can assist the owner with the DIY way of doing this themselves; however, what these publications often leave out is that this process takes several weeks to accomplish in the majority of the cases, and might not be the safest solution due to the chemicals involved, and makes it a serious health and safety risk to undertake by yourself. It is a task best left to professional arborists with the know-how. Call us today for more information

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