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Tree Service Panama City, FL also offers stump grinding services for clients in the Panama, FL region. Stump grinding is a definitive must-to-do list of any property owner when there are unsightly stumps, deprecating the property’s value. The procedure involves purging roots and stumps with the help of a rotating disk, with minimal effort.

The grinding tool is a high-performing piece of equipment that we can use in even the most compact passages and spaces in landscapes to remove any hazardous stumps. Stump grinding primarily solves the visible issues, noticeable above the ground and it is less intense than stump removal.

By shaving and grinding off the stump, the grinder stumps it into wood chips. Grinding is more efficient than stump removal, but it leaves the entire root system of the stump behind underground. It is invisible and might grow back, but the good news is that the roots will start a natural decay process after grinding, but this is a long time to be patient. Therefore our tree experts can give advice on whether stump removal or stump grinding is best solution for you.

Here at Tree Service Panama City Florida, we make use of only the latest technology and fully serviced machinery and equipment when it comes to effective stump grinding. No stump is too big or too small for us to service, and our competitive advantages lie in our speedy momentum of response and our client intimacy when it comes to unbeatable value and service.

Stump grinding is one of the most Eco-friendly processes of our company, whereby we grind the stump just below surface level. This ensures that the roots are destroyed and that further regrowth is stopped dead in its tracks. Suppose, for any reason; you feel that the safety of your premises or personal safety is being compromised. In that case, we invite you to address our crew members directly and demand that they meet the minimum safety requirements. We strongly believe in practicing what we preach.

Before we harness the stump grinder to get rid of your stump annoyance, we first have to clear the area of any rocks or pebbles that pose an operational well-being risk to the operation of the machine and their counterparts.

Our stump grinding machine grinds the tree stump to approximately between 11-13 inches under the ground. But we can achieve a more penetrating grind if required. What is left behind after being processed by this machine is a combination of soil and wood chips that the owner can use as mulch in other areas of the landscape or home garden.

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