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Tree Service Panama City FL - Land clearing

The land clearing services offered by Panama City Tree Service are carried out using a systematic approach by prepping the area in question. This includes removing trees, bushes, shrubs, and rocks/pebbles from a section of land.

We leave the site spotless, meaning that the owner or company is able to either have the landscape molded according to their unique vision and perhaps plant other vineyards, vegetation or kick off the construction and design process of a new building.

In conditions and habitats that resemble a forestry scenario, land clearing in Panama City, FL plays an integral part by conserving water into existing river systems, promoting the growth of natural flora phenomena.

It is important to remember that each site requires a unique approach suitable to the specific terrain and the future plans for the site. Generally, this is a 3-step exercise, and can be explained as follows:

Windbreaks and foreign vegetation
Tree Service Panama City FL uses tree cutters and special tree shears to cut down vegetation and other unwanted flora material. The cut-offs are then either mulched on-site by a special piece of machinery and then can serve as biomass to provide ground cover when planting new trees and vegetation.

Clearing of smaller sized lots and plots
In most cases, an excavator is used to unwanted trees and other plant material. The logs are then piled together, transformed into recyclable mulch.

Clearing larger sized lots, and other commercial types of property
Tree Service Panama City uses a proportionally sized bulldozer and various types of rakes to clear unwanted plant material. This debris is then fed into a grinder and turned into mulch for recycling purposes.

Land clearing in Panama City, FL
We will clear the sites as quickly and efficiently as possible. As soon as the location or land has been cleared, we can provide ripping services and create ridges to plant new vegetation and trees.

Land grading is another component of land clearing that is offered by us. You can rest assured that there are no hidden costs that might provide a nasty surprise to you in your future dealings with us; we believe in complete transparency with our customers, new and existing. So what are you waiting for? Call us now for a professional land clearing service.

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