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    Licensed Arborists Serving Panama City, Florida

    Do you find your landscape in need of some tree surgery? Look no further than Tree Service Panama City. Since our company’s establishment, we have shaped and grown into a reputable tree service company. We proudly offer an extensive range of tree and garden-related solutions including tree removal, tree trimming & pruning, stump removal and land clearing. Our attention to detail and fostering our valuable client relationships have afforded us the privilege of employing only the best Panama trees specialists. We are made up of multi-skilled employees that support various aspects of our client requirements, ensuring that the operation can function at its optimum level. You’ve tried the rest, now try the best in arbor tree care Panama City, Florida.

    Tree Service Panama City, FL is a reputable tree service company that takes pride in doing tree services for many years. We can offer competitive prices and we're one of the most trusted service providers for all tree care services, operating out of the Panama City, Florida region, and surrounding areas. Tree Service Panama City FL is an expert in their field and can meet all of your tree service requirements in the most stress-free and professional manner.

    Our Services

    Make Tree Service Panama City, FL your first choice. We offer quality and expert-level services, and we are fully licensed & insured for your peace of mind. We have full accreditation in tree care services and all its associated operations, so read further to learn more about the tree services we provide.

    Tree Removal

    After trees start to become old or dangerous to surroundings, it is best to remove it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Speak to our experts in tree removal in Panama City FL. Not only is having this around unsightly, but it also poses a health and safety risk for everyone that frequents or resides at the premises.

    Do you need a tree removal in Panama city? Call with one of our reliable and experienced tree removal guys. Many options can be provided as an alternative to just tree removal services in the Panama City, FL area. We can cut it up to sizes of your specification to use for firewood and wood-fired barbecue fuel or just take it away for you.

    Tree Service Panama City FL - Tree removal
    Tree Service Panama City FL - Emergency Tree Service

    Emergency Tree Service

    We possess a wealth of experience and are armed with the appropriate equipment required when it comes to emergency tree service care in actioning any job, big or small, safely, and cost-effectively.

    Our staff receives regular training to ensure that they can make provision for any emergency that might arise without compromising the property’s safety, its occupants, or the public.

    Emergency Tree Services is a dangerous undertaking and a job best performed by arborists with safety and dependability in mind. All of our clients are protected by public liability insurance for full tree services in Panama City.

    Tree Trimming & Pruning

    Trees play such a pivotal part in our daily existence that we have an obligation to care for them properly. In addition to that, few things offer a smile on a stranger or first-time visitors’ face than the creative craftsmanship of a tree that has been shaped and pruned to perfection.

    This promotes tree growth and boosts the overall value of the property with immediate effect. Caring correctly for our trees is a passion of our tree trimming services in Panama City. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than driving through our neighborhood streets and seeing happy, healthy trees and our customers enjoying the outdoors and admiring our services.

    Tree Service Panama City FL - Tree Trimming and pruning
    Tree Service Panama City FL - Stump that needs to be removed

    Stump Removal

    Do you have an unattractive tree stump in the middle of your garden? If you need to remove a stump, have a professional remove it for you. This process is a separate service from tree removal as there is no telling how deep and complex the root system is underground. Several specialized techniques can be used for the effective removal of tree stumps.

    Call us today. We have the tools and the knowledge to dispose of any stumps you wish to get rid of.

    Stump Grinding

    If you are looking for a less invasive option to get rid of that irritating tree stump, Tree Service Panama City offers stump grinding as a secondary option. In most cases, stump grinding will be the more likely option that most customers opt for.

    Any physical removal of a tree stump will require making use of heavy-duty equipment such as bobcats to enter the property where the stump needs to be removed. Stump grinding is done with a smaller machine by shaving off the tree stump. It will still leave a hole, but one significantly less evident than the machinery required for stump removal.

    Tree Service Panama City FL - Stump grinding machine grinding the stump
    Tree Service Panama City FL - Clearing trees for a new building

    Land Clearing in Florida

    We offer a range of comprehensive land clearing in Panama City, FL, and strive to remove unwanted trees, bushes, debris, rubble, and other material in a manner that is the least destructive towards the environment and the people around it.

    If the property from which the unwanted plant material is removed is located within a reasonable distance from a compost site, we are happy to transport it to the area. If this is not an option, we mulch the plant material on site.

    Contact Us Today

    We are available 24/7 for any emergency tree services. Tree Service Panama City guarantees a quick turnaround time for all of your needs. Call us today or fill out the form for free quotations, to ask any questions you have, or to give any feedback regarding our services that you might have. We will provide you with tree care services that are suitable to your environment and your budget. We will get back to you in 24 hours or less for non-emergency related inquiries.

     “Great job, guys! I can’t thank you enough for the fast and prompt service in removing the tree that blocked our driveway after the storm. If it were not for your amazing team, we wouldn’t have been able to handle with this situation”
    - Tom

    “We were very pleased with every step of the process. It was easy to book their services and secure a date. The team arrived on time and left our place spotless. The workers and their supervisor were friendly and did their best. We will definitely make use of their services again.”
    - Charlotte D.

    “Thank you for helping us last week, and listening to all our concerns and questions. I highly recommend your on-time service. You are eco-friendly and left our home clean after the tree removal was complete” - Jeffrey M.

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